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To parents of Toddlers and Pre-K Students:

These lessons are here for you while we pause our weekly gatherings. To view this Sunday’s curriculum and videos for toddlers’ and pre-k students’ Sunday School, simply go to this website and create an account:

It’s easy to create an account and is FREE! Click the blue “Join for Free” bar. Enter your email and make a password. Under the “Area of Ministry” tab, click on “kids”. Click the box that you agree to the terms of service after you’ve read them, and hit “Go”. On the next page, it will ask you about church affiliation, etc., but you can scroll the bottom of the page and click on “Skip for Now”.

Then, click on this link, or type it into your browser:

It should automatically have you logged in, but if not, simply use your email and new password to login.

Now scroll to the bottom of the page until you see the unit boxes under “Curriculum Resources”.

This week is "Unit 15 - Week 2 - The Brave and Beautiful Queen" click below:

Click on that box and then scroll down and you will see “Group Elements”.

Click on the appropriate sections mentioned below to find the correct format for your computer.

We normally watch...

1. The Clean Up Song

2. The Bible Adventure Worship Songs

3. The Message Video

Printable materials are always in the "Adventure Book" Section

Blessings from your Toddler and Pre-K Sunday School Dept.

Children's church At Home!!!

To parents of 1st-6th Grade Sunday School Students:

These lessons are here for you while we pause our weekly gatherings. To View this Sunday’s curriculum and videos for 1st - 6th Grade Sunday School, simply Click on "Learn More" in the box below. Now scroll to the bottom of the page where it should say “Guest access” and enter the password Psalm91 (making sure that you capitalize the P and that there is no space between Psalm and 91).

You may scroll through the leader guide, reading each section and watching the videos with your children as you go. There are also games, printables for the lesson (just click on the hyperlinks in blue), and crafts as you read through the lesson.

We will keep you posted on which message to use next in the event that we are not able to meet for corporate worship and Sunday School the following week.

Blessings from your 1st-6th Grade Sunday School Dept.​

This week we will be studying...

The Road to Damascus "Lesson #2 - God's Word Changes Me"

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